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Haim Zadok & Co. was established in 1958 by the late Haim J. Zadok, who served as a senior minister in the Israeli government.

For approximately six decades, the firm has handled a wide range of business, commercial and corporate matters, insolvencies, company recoveries, litigations, dispute resolutions, real estate–planning and construction and urban renewal transactions, class actions, administrative, constitutional and environmental law matters.

The high professional standards set by the late Advocate Zadok which aspire to professional excellence, respect and loyalty to clients, all while maintaining the highest ethical standards, have guided the firm since its inception.

The firm supports both local and overseas clients, including Israeli and foreign banks, international automobile manufacturers, international chains, Israeli official car importers, contractors, local authorities, professional associations, holding companies, infrastructure companies, trade and import companies, high-tech, real estate and transport companies, Israeli food importers and more.

For the last few years, the firm is involved in the largest liquidation and recovery cases of the Israeli market.

Alongside these activities, Ilan Shavit-Stricks, the firm's senior partner, is heading a national cleanup project for contaminated land in the Kiryat Plada waste site in Akko. This project is in an advanced implementation stages in coordination with the Environmental Protection Ministry. The project's management requires skills in a variety of legal fields, including business, administrative and contracts.


Commercial and Business Law

The firm has a wide experience in providing day-to-day legal support to a broad range of public and private companies. The firm is engaged in a broad spectrum of deals and commercial activities of foreign and domestic corporations including sales, mergers and investments deals in the “old economy" and high-tech, biotech and real estate. Clients include large leading corporations both national and international. The firm provides solutions to clients in all fields, including distribution, franchise and supplier agreements. The firm is a leader in the field of the import and marketing of vehicles, providing day-to-day legal consultancy and support to vehicle importers with respect to their import and distribution agreements with vehicle manufacturers and in their conduct vis-a-vis regulators.

Insolvency, Liquidation, Company Recovery and Debt Settlements

The firm is highly experienced in complex insolvency cases and has been actively involved in the main liquidations, receiverships and rehabilitation procedures in Israel’s economy. The firm also supports companies in crisis, advises them on strategies with creditors, supports potential buyers of insolvent businesses or substantive creditors’ in creditors settlements and liquidations. The firm’s attorneys are appointed by the Court as executive officers (liquidators, receivers and trustees).  In April 2020, Advocate Shavit-Stricks has been appointed by the District Court of Beer Sheva as the trustee of the Bagir Group Ltd. (in liquidation), an entity controlling a cluster of companies manufacturing clothing worldwide.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Complex commercial litigation in all courts, including arbitrations and appeals, is a main area of the firm’s activity. The core involvement is in complex cases requiring unique skills and extensive legal knowhow in all branches of civil law. The firm is engaged in cases regarding disputes between partners or shareholders, the protection of office holders and senior executives, franchises and agencies, suppliers-distributors relations, and labor law disputes. The firm provides its regular clients with day-to-day support on all litigation matters.

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Contribution to the Community

The firm has a long tradition of social involvement and contribution to the community.




Zadok Law Offices

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